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Access our Free sample resources or pay a recurring annual subscription to access all the resources for all levels.

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Your paid membership will give you access to all the purchased resources and any updates published to the purchased resources during your membership.   Buy the courses individually or purchase the premium resource to access all three resources for a discounted price. 

Another option is to purchase multi-membership resources for schools, clubs or other touch organisations.

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Priority 10 Academy Resource Package

$595 AUD

Purchase the Priority 10 Academy Resource or upgrade from any of the Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced or Premium Resources by paying the price difference.  The Academy Resources include the following:

4 Member - Priority 10 Premium Resource Package

$590 AUD

Buy multiple memberships for 4 coaches or teachers and get discounted price.

This is suitable for schools and smaller clubs that have a number of coaches and teams.

10 Member - Priority 10 Premium Resource Package

$790 AUD

Buy multiple membership for up to 10 coaches or teachers and get a further discounted price. 

This is suitable for larger schools and clubs, associations and smaller National Touch Organisations.

Priority 10 Premium Resource Package

$390 AUD

Purchase the Priority 10 Premium Resource or upgrade from any of the Foundation, Intermediate or Advanced Resources by paying the price difference.  The Premium includes all the Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Resources.

Priority 10 Foundation Resource

$195 AUD

Priority 10 Intermediate Resource

$195 AUD

Priority 10 Advanced Resource

$195 AUD

Have Any Questions?


We have provided answers for the most common questions.

The resources are for teachers and coaches of junior or novice Touch Football in a school or club setting.

The resources are structured in such a way to lead you through the planning and sessions for each level.

All resources (drills, games, lesson plans etc.) are designed to cater for player development as they progress through each level.  Activities are unique to each level.

After you pay your membership fee you will have access to all Priority Touch resources.

After you pay your membership fee you will have access to all resources.

Yes, you can pay the full price for any of the resources or you can upgrade from one resource to a package later (e.g. Foundation to Premium) by paying the price difference.

Yes, we offer two multi-membership packages.
The 4 member – premium membership
The 10 member – premium membership

The membership includes the following resources for each member.

  • Advanced Priority Touch Resources
  • Intermediate Priority Touch Resources
  • Foundation Priority Touch Resources.

How does it work?

  1. The parent member buys the membership on behalf of the child members.
  2. The parent is automatically assigned one membership.
  3. Depending on the membership, three or nine child members can be registered.
  4. The parent member will receive a discount code and a link that includes the discount code.
  5. The parent member distributes the link or discount codes to the child members.  The purchase price for the child members is $0.00.
  6. The child members can either register and use the discount code or use the link to register and buy the premium membership.
  7. The child member will receive an email to confirm the purchase of the premium membership.
  8. The child member MUST CLICK ON THE CONFIRMATION LINK in the email BEFORE access to the resources is granted.
  9.  The child memberships remain valid while the parent membership exists.
  10. The discount code can only be used for the number of purchased memberships.

All resources are published in English.

Yes, on checkout there is a “Pay by Invoice” option.  You can view and print the invoice on checkout or the Membership Account page.  Bank account details are on the invoice.  For Australian customers the invoice is GST compliant.   Your account will be set to pending.  You will be able to log in and view pages in Priority Touch but will not have access to the resources.   Once the payment is processed your your account becomes active.  

If your payment did not go through, contact our support team at