Priority 10 Rationale

P10 Framework



The Priority 10 project (2019) is an initiative of the Qld Touch Football High Performance Program whereby a complete review of coaching development & direction took place. The project is authored by Peter Bell and has been updated from the previous priority 6 (2016) introductory phase, to include 4 more concepts.

The project further reinforces the priority or the ‘non-negotiable’ elements which are recommended for coaches and teachers of juniors and or novice touch players.

What is “Priority 10”?

The project has established recommendations for ten priority concepts which need to be developed from the early foundation level. By prioritizing the critical concepts required, it is hoped that coaches can focus on what is important and not waste precious training time on what is less important.

Also, the project hopes to ensure that there occurs a degree of rationalization and quality control over what is being taught at these levels. There is much to be gained from a program that is consistent across all coaches and indeed, all players.

The project targets players from the middle primary school level or around 10 years old. The concepts should be further developed and reinforced throughout the players development years and as they progress to the elite level.

Priority 10