Create Effective Touch Coaching Sessions


Priority 10 provides the coach / teacher with all the resources to create an effective touch coaching session.  These resources are provided for each of the three levels of introductory, intermediate and advanced levels.  There are 8 lessons per level.  Each lesson has a different Priority 10 focus..

Read the Notes on Lesson Plans document that provide information for:

  1.  Warm up ( a sample warm up is provided)

    includes  sample warm up

  2. Athletic development and movement skills

    includes activities

  3. Skill development

    includes coaching card



  4. Strategies / Tactics and set plays

    includes games

The Process

Select the lesson that you wish to deliver to your players based on your Priority 10 progress.  Note that it is recommended the lesson be delivered in the provided sequence. 

Gather the material from the Priority 10 resources for the lesson.

  1. Lesson Plan Level C , week 2, Defending Space. (see Materials Tab at the top of the page)
  2. P10 Coaching Card number 2 (See the Materials Tab at the top of the page)
  3. Games and or Drills (see Materials Tab at the top of the page and Defending Space video below)

Defending Space Drill