Priority 6 Introduction

  • The Concepts
  • Coaching Trends and Things That Have Changed
  • Coaching Juniors
  • Prioritising Skills and Attributes
  • What is Priority 6?

The priority 6 project is an initiative of the Qld Touch Football High Performance Program whereby a complete review of coaching development & direction has taken place. The resultant review had exposed a lack of understanding, rationale and indeed coordination of coaching priorities at the junior or youth levels.

The review also reported varying playing standards and or skill levels which were directly attributed to a lack of the required game concepts by both coaches and players alike.

Identification of the priority concepts and the design of the accompanying drills was conducted by Australian National Coaches Peter Bell & Tony Trad.

What is the “Priority 6” ?

The project has established recommendations for the priority concepts which need to be taught from the early foundation level. By prioritizing the critical concepts required it is hoped that coaches can focus on what is important and not waste precious training time on what is less important.

Also, the project hopes to ensure that there occurs a degree of rationalization and quality control over what is being taught at these levels.

The project targets players from the middle primary school level or around 10 years old. The concepts should be further developed and reinforced throughout the players development years and as they progress to the elite level.


The project was implemented in 2017 with a number of clinics held around Qld. and aimed at improving the knowledge of Foundation to Talent level coaches and importantly establishing the focus areas for future development. The follow up to the Coach clinics which were primarily theoretical presentations is occurring during 2018 and has a more practical application. Clinics are now conducted with up to 100 male & female players from 10 – 17 and Elite players and Coaches from the Elite 8 teams in Qld have been seconded to present the project drills to the junior groups from within their permit boundaries.