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The non-negotiable elements in coaching junior Touch for coaches and teachers of juniors and or novice Touch players

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Learn the basics of Priority Touch concepts and how the concepts can help develop the core skills of junior and novice Touch players.

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The Priority 10 Foundation Resource has sample content to provide an overview of the available resources and sample content on how a coach or teacher can use the resources to plan a lesson.

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Priority Coaching provides the teacher/coach with a complete program to deliver to their Touch Football junior athletes. The program is designed in such a way as to provide learning for both coach and athlete alike. As well as current technical information and coaching strategies, the coach will receive a range of resources to use. The Priority Coaching program covers three distinct levels (introductory, intermediate, and advanced) focussing on juniors from 10 years to 17 years.

What resources are available

Priority Touch includes the

  1. Priority 10 Foundation Resources
  2. Priority 10 Intermediate Resources
  3. Priority 10 Advanced Resources

In addition, there are three memberships for both single and multi-memberships.  The multi-membership resources are suitable for schools, clubs, or other touch organisations.  See the Pricing and FAQ page for additional membership resource options.


The focus of the Foundation level is to expose the coach & athletes to the six key concepts (and language) which underpin the contemporary game.  Learn about “Pre-Touch” and how important it is to anticipate the Touch. Learn to get your profile right when making touches, and why we need to look for certain things (cues) when attacking.


The Intermediate level expands on previous concepts and adds four more concepts. Coaches & players at this level learn to implement basic game plans as well as develop a bank of set plays. Defenders at this level are becoming more space-conscious and know the difference between dominant and non-dominant touches and when to use them.


The advanced level focus is to continue the development and implementation of the Priority 10 concepts throughout training and game play. Coaches and players at this level understand what opponents are presenting, while game plans and set plays are more complex with the use of phase play as well as more advanced attacking lines. Defence moves from a more individual focus to a team focus with defensive tactics being used more.

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The resources and material have been assembled by a lifelong educator and four times winning Touch World Cup women’s open coach. If you are going to learn, learn from one of the best.

Access to a comprehensive Touch Football coaching resource

Lesson plan, season plan templates, checklists, coaching cards, drills, games and videos.

Provides the Teacher/Coach with a host of ideas that work

Leverage thirty years experience coaching all levels from novice and junior players to world cup winning teams.

Provides opportunities for future networking with other like-minded professionals

Link with other coaches and teachers to update and enhance your knowledge.


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As a PE teacher and Touch coach I am always looking for better ways of doing things in my classes and with my Touch teams. If you’re like me – you don’t have elite athletes who can do it all. Priority 10 is perfect for identifying what I need to be teaching. It has comprehensive coaching tips, simple drills, great ideas, but more importantly the kids can make sense of what I’m doing. I would definitely endorse the Priority 10 program and knowing Peter Bell’s expertise and experience as I do, gives me the confidence to recommend to other teachers and junior coaches.”
Emily Hennessy
PE teacher, Australian Women’s Open player, Junior Touch Coach.
For those of you who are teacher coaches like me you know the importance of up to the minute technical information as well as effective learning experiences for your students. Priority 10 has all of this and more. We use this framework as a basis for our programs and have seen first hand the results within our Academy. I would encourage you to incorporate P10 concepts into your coaching and sessions.
Phil Gyemore
PE teacher, current Australian Men’s Open Coach, runs a schools Touch Football Academy in Queensland, Australia